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Bayong Wood, Dzi Agate, Golden Quartz, and Jasper

Bayong Wood, Dzi Agate, Golden Quartz, and Jasper

'Shifting Consciousness'


This wrist mala will help you on your path by balancing physical and emotional energies helping you to elevate your spiritual consciousness and raise your frequency and release old patterns.


Wood, Bayong

  • Emotional: Encourages patience and perseverance, and adaptation.
  • Spiritual: Grounding and nurtures spiritual development.
  • Physical: Amplifies qualities of the gemstone(s) it is paired with.


Quartz, Golden (Healer’s Quartz) *Similar properties of clear quartz

  • Emotional: promotes peace, alignment, soothes the mind, body, spirit.
  • Spiritual: Crown chakra opener, helps to raise our frequency and connect with sprit guides, good for manifestation.
  • Physical: Master healer of whole body, stimulates immune system, balancing and can soothe burns.



  • Emotional: Balances physical, mental, and emotional aspects, grounding harmonizing, and calming. Helps with sleep. Eases anger, anxiety and trauma, helpful to relationships.
  • Spiritual: Promotes concentration and increases consciousness, builds harmony and feelings of safety.
  • Physical: Assists healing of skin disorders and stimulates digestive systems. Cleans lymph, strengthens cardiovascular system and skin.



  • Emotional: Combines practicality with courage, helpful for problem solving, maturity and taking responsibility. Instils passion and curiosity. Protects against self-doubt. Helps one to navigate change in relationships, release old habits of shame, and guilt.
  • Spiritual: Helps one to focus on priorities for our own happiness and growth, it allows for giving others freedom to make their own choices. Helps to put our knowledge into action and follow our beliefs in life, every day.
  • Physical: Encourages healthy habits and routines, balancing to both physical and mental health.
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