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African Bloodstone, Black Tourmaline, and Clear Quartz

African Bloodstone, Black Tourmaline, and Clear Quartz

'Enduring Strength'


This bracelet will assist you with grounding and healing to energies and strengthen your journey.


Jasper, African Bloodstone

  • Emotional: Stabilizing and supportive. It is emotionally balancing and opens you up to allow feelings of love to be activated.
  • Spiritual: Protective against negative influences and physical energy. Known to bring abundance and very helpful for manifesting your desires including health, wealth, and happiness.
  • Physical: Revitalizer, detoxifying to liver, kidneys, lungs, and blood. Supportive to lymphatic system. Cleansing and amplifying to the energy field.


Tourmaline, Black

  • Emotional: Relieves, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, problems with addiction, self-harm, clears negative thoughts.
  • Spiritual: grounding, protective from psychic attack, balances chakras, connects spiritual to physical realm.
  • Physical: increases vitality, strengthens the immune system, improves skeletal and muscular systems, arthritis, chronic disease, and pain.


Quartz, Clear

  • Emotional: Known as a ‘master healer’, it cleanses the aura with natural light, promotes harmony, clarity, focus and intuition. Clears negative energy and enhances psychic abilities, amplifies the effects of other crystals. Helps with setting goals, manifestation and clarifying vision.
  • Spiritual: Draws light from the cosmos to heal chakras.
  • Physical: Heals any part of the body when placed on the affected area. Healing for diabetes, exhaustion, metabolism, memory, cleanses organs, harmonizing for the whole body.
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