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White Howlite and Sodalite Stretch Bracelet

White Howlite and Sodalite Stretch Bracelet

This bracelet helps you to speak your truth, remain open, intuitive and balanced.


White Howlite

  • Emotional: Howlite is calming, absorbs intense emotions. It helps one to handle oneself with gentleness especially when going through adjustments, promotes open-mindedness.
  • Spiritual: Encourages kindness in all our actions and eases frustration.
  • Physical: Helpful for teeth, gums, nails, hair, arthritis, rheumatism, bone, and joint pains, back, spine, calcium absorption, pain relief, osteoporosis, and lactation.


  • Emotional: Balancing mind and body, strengthens intuition, eliminates confusion to increase perception and reason; balances moods. Helpful for communication and increases understanding.
  • Spiritual: Brings hidden feelings to the surface to manage compassionately and assist with communication. Sodalite brings out your true self.
  • Physical: Helps with sleep, menopause, burns and inflammation, helps with lymph, immunity, metabolism.


(8mm beads, wrist size 17cm)

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