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Turquoise Howlite, Red Coral Brass inlay, Bloodstone and Carnelian Earrings

Turquoise Howlite, Red Coral Brass inlay, Bloodstone and Carnelian Earrings


  • Emotional: Bloodstone draws off negative environmental energy, helping to overcome influences such as geopathic or electromagnetic stress. It stimulates dreaming and is a powerful revitalizer. Gives courage and teaches you how to avoid dangerous situations. Bloodstone encourages selflessness and idealism. Assists in acting in the present moment. Bloodstone calms and revitalizes the mind, dispels confusion, and enhances decision-making. Assists in adjusting to unaccustomed circumstances. Reduces irritability, aggressiveness, and impatience.
  • Spiritual: It heightens intuition and increases creativity. It is grounding and protecting.
  • Physical: Bloodstone is a blood cleanser, helps with anemia, diabetes, high blood pressure and circulation as well as premenstrual symptoms, support with childbirth and menopause. Promotes bone marrow health and supports intestinal health.



  • Emotional: Eases depression, encourages trust in self. Assists one to overcome negative conditioning. Protects against envy, reduces anger, possessiveness, and resentments.
  • Spiritual: Empowering, provides courage to push through obstacles.
  • Physical: Healing for lower back, arthritis, neuralgia. Regulating for kidneys, improves circulation, bone and ligament health, boosts fertility and stimulates sexuality. Cleansing for liver, spleen, and digestive disorders.




  • Emotional: Promotes harmony and growth. Assists with anxiety and stress. Helps older women overcome feeling a lack of desirability.
  • Spiritual: Protects travelers. Protects one from evils and negativities. Helps with transformation, appreciating the past while securing the future. Aids in speech to connect to others and speak openly.
  • Physical: Promotes healing of bones, relieves rashes, acne, burns, high blood pressure, seasonal allergies, sunburn, helps with balancing of minerals in the body. Aids in healing of liver, spine, and pituitary glands.


10mm Turquoise/Coral Brass inlay bead on bottom, 8mm Bloodstone in the middle, and 6mm Carnelian on top

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