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White Howlite Mala with Cherry Quartz

White Howlite Mala with Cherry Quartz

‘Calm Abiding’


This mala is beneficial for physical and emotional healing, it is both calming to the nerves while energizing to your psyche. The gentle energies of Howlite and Cherry Quartz serve to help you clarify intentions, heal your heart and gain clarity to further yourself on the healing path.



  • Emotional: Howlite is calming, absorbs intense emotions. It helps one to handle oneself with gentleness especially when going through adjustments, promotes open-mindedness.
  • Spiritual: Encourages kindness in all our actions and eases frustration.
  • Physical: Helpful for teeth, gums, nails, hair, arthritis, rheumatism, bone, and joint pains, back, spine, calcium absorption, pain relief, osteoporosis, and lactation.


Quartz, Cherry

  • Emotional: Beneficial for psychological problems or trauma, heals emotional wounds, calming, promotes peace, dispels negative emotions.
  • Spiritual: Increases spiritual awareness and material gain allowing you to accomplish goals.
  • Physical: Energizing, benefits overall health and well-being.


(8mm/40x25mm beads, total length 3’1”)

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