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Ebony Wood, Onyx and Turquoise Howlite Mala

Ebony Wood, Onyx and Turquoise Howlite Mala

This 108 bead Tibetan style Mala will bring peace and help you shed negative emotions, it will help you to use your intuition, promoting open, clear understanding.


Wood, Ebony

  • Emotional: Ebony promotes peace and calmness; provides confidence when in transition.
  • Spiritual: protection from negativity, clarity in decision making, heightens intuition.
  • Physical: Ebony is helpful for anemia, skin conditions, and protects from environmental pollutants. 


Onyx, Black

  • Emotional: Black Onyx is calming and can help shed negative emotions.
  • Spiritual: Represents new beginnings, grounding, assists with moving on from unhealthy relationships. Beneficial to overcome addictions.
  • Beneficial to bones, teeth, skin, reduces inflammation, helps with nausea, earaches and helps heal infected wounds.


Howlite (dyed turquoise)

  • Emotional: Howlite is calming, absorbs intense emotions. It helps one to handle oneself with gentleness especially when going through adjustments, promotes open-mindedness.
  • Spiritual: Encourages kindness in all our actions and eases frustration.
  • Physical: Helpful for teeth, gums, nails, hair, arthritis, rheumatism, bone, and joint pains, back, spine, calcium absorption, pain relief, osteoporosis and lactation.


(8mm beads, 3'2" total length)

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