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Blue/Yellow Tiger's Eye, Black Obsidian,Golden Hematite Mala

Blue/Yellow Tiger's Eye, Black Obsidian,Golden Hematite Mala

'Triple Protection'

This bracelet is a powerful protector, it will guard against the evils of doubt, depression, self-criticism, psychic attack, and addiction. It is deeply grounding and reminds you of who you are, it also helps to balance your energies and reminds you to take good care of your physical body.


Tiger’s Eye

  • Emotional: dispels depression, balances emotions, reduces cravings for food and unhealthy substances, boosts self-esteem, nurtures healthy routines, helps with personality disorders
  • Spiritual: grounding, protective and uplifting, enhances psychic abilities, amplifies life force energy, promotes clarity, intentions and intuition for self and others
  • Physical: beneficial to eyes, night vision, stomach, gallbladder issues, healing for broken bones, revitalizing and balancing for the whole body


Obsidian, Black

  • Emotional: Said to help with blocked grief and trauma, releases imbalances. It promotes compassion, enhances creativity, stimulates growth as it helps you to know who you are.
  • Spiritual: Powerful protective crystal, shields against negativity, enhances psychic ability, manifestation and transformation.
  • Physical: Good for pain relief, improves circulation, healing for joints and digestive issues.



  • Emotional: Beneficial to the mind, enhances memory and other mental abilities. It has a calming effect. It relieves fears relating to bodily fluid issues, flying, and insects.
  • Spiritual: Grounding and balancing. It can help connect the body to the Earth when doing spiritual work. It reminds one to take care of the physical body such as making sure basic needs are met such as eating, drinking, and sleeping.
  • Physical: Aids with blood disorders, especially red blood cells, blood clots, circulation, energy levels and fatigue, it is a pain reliever, helps with back pain. Helps with iron and mineral absorption.
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