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Sandalwood and Dragon's Blood Jasper wrist mala or macrame bracelet

Sandalwood and Dragon's Blood Jasper

'Grow Strong'


This bracelet will foster courage and growth, giving you confidence during transformation on the path.


Jasper, Dragon’s Blood

  • Emotional: Combines practicality with courage, helpful for problem solving, maturity and taking responsibility. Instils passion and curiosity. Protects against self-doubt. Helps one to navigate change in relationships, release old habits of shame, and guilt.
  • Spiritual: Helps one to focus on priorities for our own happiness and growth, it allows for giving others freedom to make their own choices. Helps to put our knowledge into action and follow our beliefs in life, every day.
  • Physical: Encourages healthy habits and routines, balancing to both physical and mental health.



  • Emotional: Encourages patience and perseverance, and adaptation.
  • Spiritual: Grounding and nurtures spiritual development
  • Physical: Amplifies qualities of the gemstone(s) it is paired with



  • Emotional: Beneficial to the mind, enhances memory and other mental abilities. It has a calming effect. It relieves fears relating to bodily fluid issues, flying, and insects.
  • Spiritual: Grounding and balancing. It can help connect the body to the Earth when doing spiritual work. It reminds one to take care of the physical body such as making sure basic needs are met such as eating, drinking, and sleeping.
  • Physical: Aids with blood disorders, especially red blood cells, blood clots, circulation, energy levels and fatigue, it is a pain reliever, helps with back pain. Helps with iron and mineral absorption.
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