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Rose Quartz and Red Garnet Stretch Bracelet

Rose Quartz and Red Garnet Stretch Bracelet

Quartz, Rose

  • Emotional: Stone of unconditional love and peace, attracts love, increases compassion, forgiveness, and reconciliation, relives depression. Beneficial for sleep, especially nurturing for children. Extremely helpful to overcome abuse, trauma and during crisis.
  • Spiritual: removes negative energy, encourages self-love; trust and worthiness.
  • Physical: Healing for: headache, female reproductive system, fertility, stress related skin conditions, improves circulation.



  • Emotional: promotes passion, self-confidence, and motivation. It is a symbol of love and associated with life force energy. Attracts love and positivity, it promotes admiration and loyalty. A stone of commitment, it enhances warmth, devotion, understanding and trust. It cools anger especially towards oneself.
  • Spiritual: Restorative, balancing, protective and a strengthener. It is a stone that symbolizes hope, faith, abundance, and safety.
  • Physical: Enhances sexuality, therapeutic to mind, body, and spirit as well as emotional well-being.
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