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Rhodonite Stretch Bracelet with silver accent beads

Rhodonite Stretch Bracelet

'Unbreak Your Heart'


This bracelet will heal any issues related to the heart both physically and emotionally, it is balancing and restorative.



  • Emotional: Clears emotional wounds from the past such as heartbreak, resentment, anger, codependency or abuse. Assists with releasing unworthy feelings and set healthy boundaries. Clears and activates heart energy, nurturing, fosters forgiveness. Overall energy balancer.
  • Spiritual: Helps one to reach highest potential, enhances mantra based meditation, brings intuitive guidance, builds confidence, can clear past life emotional trauma. 
  • Physical: helps to heal wounds, good for shock, trauma, scar tissue, autoimmune conditions, lung conditions, inflammation in joints, tissues, and stomach problems.


(6mm/1mm beads, wrist size 16.25cm)

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