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Carnelian and Golden Hematite Stretch Bracelet

Carnelian and Golden Hematite Stretch Bracelet

'Rejoice In Love'


This bracelet encourages you to resist the affects of negative forces and gives you the courage to push through obstacles to focus on your spiritual path.



  • Emotional: Eases depression, encourages trust in self. Assists one to overcome negative conditioning. Protects against envy, reduces anger, possessiveness, and resentments.
  • Spiritual: Empowering, provides courage to push through obstacles.
  • Physical: Healing for lower back, arthritis, neuralgia. Regulating for kidneys, improves circulation, bone and ligament health, boosts fertility and stimulates sexuality. Cleansing for liver, spleen, and digestive disorders.



  • Emotional: Beneficial to the mind, enhances memory and other mental abilities. It has a calming effect. It relieves fears relating to bodily fluid issues, flying, and insects.
  • Spiritual: Grounding and balancing. It can help connect the body to the Earth when doing spiritual work. It reminds one to take care of the physical body such as making sure basic needs are met such as eating, drinking, and sleeping.
  • Physical: Aids with blood disorders, especially red blood cells, blood clots, circulation, energy levels and fatigue, it is a pain reliever, helps with back pain. Helps with iron and mineral absorption.


(6mm/2mm beads, wrist size 16cm)

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