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Red Cellar Agate, Sandalwood, and Carnelian wrist mala or macrame bracelet

Red Cellar Agate, Sandalwood, and Carnelian


  • Emotional: Balances physical, mental, and emotional aspects, grounding harmonizing, and calming. Helps with sleep. Eases anger, anxiety, and trauma, helpful to relationships.
  • Spiritual: Promotes concentration and increases consciousness, builds harmony and feelings of safety.
  • Physical: Assists healing of skin disorders and stimulates digestive systems. Cleans lymph, strengthens cardiovascular system and skin.



  • Emotional: Encourages patience and perseverance, and adaptation.
  • Spiritual: Grounding and nurtures spiritual development
  • Physical: Amplifies qualities of the gemstone(s) it is paired with



  • Emotional: Eases depression, encourages trust in self. Assists one to overcome negative conditioning. Protects against envy, reduces anger, possessiveness, and resentments.
  • Spiritual: Empowering, provides courage to push through obstacles.
  • Physical: Healing for lower back, arthritis, neuralgia. Regulating for kidneys, improves circulation, bone and ligament health, boosts fertility and stimulates sexuality. Cleansing for liver, spleen, and digestive disorders.
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