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Green Jade, Rhodonite, and Phantom Quartz Stretch Bracelet

Green Jade, Rhodonite, and Phantom Quartz Stretch Bracelet

'Relationship Healer'


This bracelet will calm and nurture your heart as you clear trauma and bless you with higher vibrations of love, opening you up to healthy patterns.


Jade, Green

  • Emotional: Jade has a calm and soothing effect. It is said that it attracts friends and partners. It is healing for relationships. Emotionally nourishing and protective for fears. It also has an ability to allow for clear thinking.
  • Spiritual: Jade is a lucky stone that brings good fortune, it diminishes scarcity. It also teaches us to live in harmony as individuals and in the world. Jade symbolizes as a reminder that we have what we need and do not need to take from others.
  • Physical: Supportive of the kidneys, adrenals to help us eliminate stress and strengthen our immune system.



  • Emotional: Clears emotional wounds from the past such as heartbreak, resentment, anger, codependency or abuse. Assists with releasing unworthy feelings and set healthy boundaries. Clears and activates heart energy, nurturing, fosters forgiveness. Overall energy balancer.
  • Spiritual: Helps one to reach highest potential, enhances mantra based meditation, brings intuitive guidance, builds confidence, can clear past life emotional trauma.
  • Physical: helps to heal wounds, good for shock, trauma, scar tissue, autoimmune conditions, lung conditions, inflammation in joints, tissues, and stomach problems.


Quartz, Phantom

  • Emotional: promotes open mindedness, releases self-destructive emotional blocks, Crown chakra opener, helps to raise our frequency. Helps to connect with sprit guides, good for manifestation.
  • Spiritual: helps heal past life trauma and helps one to move on to find closure and release negative emotions, enhances meditation, assists with connecting with spirit guides, can open clairaudience, helps love and relationship issues, clears up confusion, can be beneficial financially
  • Physical: helps to assimilate vitamins A and E, Calcium and Magnesium, supports immune system, brings balance, assists with hearing problems.


(6mm beads, wrist size18cm)

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