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Red Cellar Agate, Sandalwood, and Carnelian wrist mala or macrame bracelet

Fluorite and Clear Quartz

"Easy the Aches"



  • Emotional: supports to relieve blocked grief, emotionally healing. Beneficial to those with eating disorders.
  • Spiritual: Assist with spiritual communication, aids in connecting with the third eye, provides protection.
  • Physical: Helps to heal infections by boosting the immune system, cell regeneration, absorption of minerals especially for the teeth and bones, blood vessels and spleen. Disperses negative energies from electronics.


Quartz, Clear

  • Emotional: Known as a ‘master healer’, it cleanses the aura with natural light, promotes harmony, clarity, focus and intuition. Clears negative energy and enhances psychic abilities, amplifies the effects of other crystals. Helps with setting goals, manifestation and clarifying vision.
  • Spiritual: Draws light from the cosmos to heal chakras.
  • Physical: Heals any part of the body when placed on the affected area. Healing for diabetes, exhaustion, metabolism, memory, cleanses organs, harmonizing for the whole body.
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