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Jasper and Green Tourmaline Earrings

Jasper and Green Tourmaline Earrings


  • Emotional: Healing, brings heightened sense of well-being, wholeness, gentleness, relaxation, creativity, relieves guilt, stress, and anxiety.
  • Spiritual: Provides protection, balance, endurance, spiritual growth.
  • Physical: Provides mental clarity, vitality and overall healing.


Tourmaline, Green

  • Emotional: Relieves, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, problems with addiction, self-harm, clears negative thoughts.
  • Spiritual: grounding, protective from psychic attack, balances chakras, connects spiritual to physical realm.
  • Physical: increases vitality, strengthens the immune system, improves skeletal and muscular systems, arthritis, chronic disease, and pain.


12x15mm Jasper Beads on the bottom and 8mm Green Tourmaline Beads on top

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