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Dragon's Blood Jasper, Clear Quartz, and Smoky Quartz Stretch Bracelet

Dragon's Blood Jasper, Clear Quartz, and Smoky Quartz Stretch Bracelet

Jasper, Dragon’s Blood

  • Emotional: Combines practicality with courage, helpful for problem solving, maturity and taking responsibility. Instils passion and curiosity. Protects against self-doubt. Helps one to navigate change in relationships, release old habits of shame, and guilt.
  • Spiritual: Helps one to focus on priorities for our own happiness and growth, it allows for giving others freedom to make their own choices. Helps to put our knowledge into action and follow our beliefs in life, every day.
  • Physical: Encourages healthy habits and routines, balancing to both physical and mental health.


Quartz, Clear

  • Emotional: Known as a ‘master healer’, it cleanses the aura with natural light, promotes harmony, clarity, focus and intuition. Clears negative energy and enhances psychic abilities, amplifies the effects of other crystals. Helps with setting goals, manifestation and clarifying vision.
  • Spiritual: Draws light from the cosmos to heal chakras.
  • Physical: Heals any part of the body when placed on the affected area. Healing for diabetes, exhaustion, metabolism, memory, cleanses organs, harmonizing for the whole body.


Quartz, Smoky

  • Emotional: antidote for stress, depression,  grounding, clears obstacles, amplifies positive energies
  • Spiritual: creates higher vibrations during meditation, heightens intuition, brings ideas into fruition
  • Physical: detoxifying, restores energy, clears energy blocks, aids in pain relief, nerves, regulates minerals and liquids within the body.
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