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Clear Quartz, Blue Coral, Green Aventurine, and Red Garnet Stretch Bracelet

Clear Quartz, Blue Coral, Green Aventurine, and Red Garnet Stretch Bracelet

'Lucky Traveler'


This bracelet will help you when you are taking a trip or changing from one life stage to the next. It will provide support to your nervous system, increase your passion, and offer luck and good fortune along the way.


Quartz, Clear

  • Emotional: Known as a ‘master healer’, it cleanses the aura with natural light, promotes harmony, clarity, focus and intuition. Clears negative energy and enhances psychic abilities, amplifies the effects of other crystals. Helps with setting goals, manifestation and clarifying vision.
  • Spiritual: Draws light from the cosmos to heal chakras.
  • Physical: Heals any part of the body when placed on the affected area. Healing for diabetes, exhaustion, metabolism, memory, cleanses organs, harmonizing for the whole body.


Coral, Blue

  • Emotional: Promotes harmony and growth. Assists with anxiety and stress. Helps older women overcome feeling a lack of desirability.
  • Spiritual: Protects travelers. Protects one from evils and negativities. Helps with transformation, appreciating the past while securing the future. Aids in speech to connect to others and speak openly.
  • Physical: Promotes healing of bones, relieves rashes, acne, burns, high blood pressure, seasonal allergies, sunburn, helps with balancing of minerals in the body. Aids in healing of liver, spine, and pituitary glands.


Aventurine, Green

  • Emotional: Increases well-being, hope as well as courage and self-confidence. Calming for the nervous system, increases positivity.
  • Spiritual: Increases luck, fortune, and financial success
  • Physical: Helpful for irregular heart rhythms, urinary problems, eyesight, dyslexia, cerebral palsy, hay fever, and increases fertility.



  • Emotional: promotes passion, self-confidence, and motivation. It is a symbol of love and associated with life force energy. Attracts love and positivity, it promotes admiration and loyalty. A stone of commitment, it enhances warmth, devotion, understanding and trust. It cools anger especially towards oneself.
  • Spiritual: Restorative, balancing, protective and a strengthener. It is a stone that symbolizes hope, faith, abundance and safety.
  • Physical: Enhances sexuality, therapeutic to mind, body and spirit as well as emotional well-being.


(Size: 8mm beads, 18.75cm)

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