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Amethyst, Fluorite, and Rose Quartz Stretch Bracelet

Amethyst, Fluorite, and Rose Quartz Stretch Bracelet

'Post Calamity'


This bracelet is deeply nurturing emotionally as it heals grief, trauma, and stress. It will harmonize your bodies energy and is especially helpful for your circulatory and skeletal systems.



  • Emotional: Soothes anxiety, stress, anger and fear. Amethyst heals addictive patterns, guards against nightmares and insomnia, links emotional and spiritual bodies promoting harmony
  • Spiritual: Protecting and stabilizing, helps with meditation and visualization, increasing wisdom, enhances higher states of consciousness and concentration.
  • Physical: Eases migraine headaches, compulsivity, aids one with addiction and hyperactivity



  • Emotional: supports to relieve blocked grief, emotionally healing. Beneficial to those with eating disorders. 
  • Spiritual: Assist with spiritual communication, aids in connecting with the third eye, provides protection.
  • Physical: Helps to heal infections by boosting the immune system, cell regeneration, absorption of minerals especially for the teeth and bones, blood vessels and spleen. Disperses negative energies from electronics.


Quartz, Rose

  • Emotional: Stone of unconditional love and peace, attracts love, increases compassion, forgiveness, and reconciliation, relives depression. Beneficial for sleep, especially nurturing for children. Extremely helpful to overcome abuse, trauma and during crisis 
  • Spiritual: removes negative energy, encourages self-love; trust and worthiness
  • Physical: Healing for: headache, female reproductive system, fertility, stress related skin conditions, improves circulation.


(8mm beads, wrist size 19cm)

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